"Everything’s amazing, and nobody’s happy." Louis C.K.

The iPhone 5 was just released. And the usual pageantry unfolded: the detractors detracted, the defenders defended, and all-the-while the press blogged, tweeted, and then tweeted about their blogs. But the overall air had strange feeling to it… there seemed to be a sense of disappointment to everything.

There were new features, but not all the features that could have been. And the design changed, but it didn’t really change-change… what gives? Apple has implicitly promised that every product they release is world-changing. Towers fall, paradigms shift, angels weep with tears of sugar and honey. 

But with paradigms still firmly sitting in everyone’s pantry, there’s a sense of disappointment from both sides of the fence.

This four-ounce 2.31 by 4.87 inch box can take panoramic photos, check-in your flights, and play music from a cloud.

And the best critique of that is “Well, this other phone already does that for a cheaper price.” 

How incredibly wonderful is that? These magical boxes send signals into the sky to access the entire sum collection of human knowledgeand we are bored because we could already do that. 

Everything’s amazing, and nobody’s happy. Well, except me. I’m pretty jazzed about the whole situation. 

-Phong Tran

As a sidenote, Louis CK will be visiting Minneapolis on October 4th and 5th.